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Hello, I am Mod. The founder of Aoboum Baby Wrap

About myself

Master’s Degree: Developmental Psychology (B.E.)
Bachelor’s Degree: Guidance Psychology (B.E.)

This journey started when I am blessed with a child. I have been working as an elementary school teacher for about 8 years. I have researched many ways to promote child development and one of them is the Montessori Method. On this journey, I plan to bring the theoretical knowledge and the experience I gained during my time as a teacher together, and apply the best practices raising my son, “Kid-D” (Good Thought)

Intending to raise him the best I can, we pay attention to every process in each day. One of the things that I intend to do since I was pregnant is that I want to hold my child as long as possible. I want to hold him during the days that he needs holding, as long as I am able to.

Do you know how long they will let you hold them? They still need us, the mothers, today. Be there for them.

I strive to do as intended. Every time I hold Kid-D, I am always filled with joy, comfort, and appreciation. I do not want to let him go. I smile to the many questions: “Why must you always hold him?” “Why don’t just put him in the cradle?”

I, as a mother, will hold my child as long as he need

In the beginning, I was experiencing a huge strain on my body holding Kid-D with my bare hands. I have tried many products hoping to find a solution. The one which would allow me to safely hold my child and do other things at the same time. Hundred of hours spent scouring through the web, reading reviews, blog, asking the experts and those who have experience. With my knowledge gained from countless trials and error, I decided to share the product I have found to be best solution for me with others, Aoboum.

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Mother using Aoboum Ergonomic Baby Wrap walking with child facing front in the garden

AobOum's Brand

AobOum is an innovative Thai brand inspired by maternal bond and the desire to hold one’s child as long as he needs.

AobOum has adapted the Karen people’s baby wrap, which is complicated and challenging to use. In collaboration with Naphachara Tongchan, the lead designer, we have successfully designed and developed a Baby carrier that helps mothers carry their children for an extended period with ease. It is easy to put on, soft to the touch, and suitable for hot weather.

An ergonomic baby wrap designed for the health of both mother and the little ones.

A ready-to-wear Baby Wrap. Easy to put on. Safe, Breathable and Lightweight.

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